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Sankthanshaugen on Værum is an annular formed yard from prehistoric time. This type of historical area have only been found


Fiskumfossen is a waterfall 13 km north from the center of Grong. Here you can experience Northern Europe’s longest salmon

Campfire in the nature

It’s always nice to light up a campfire and hang the black kettle with coffee over. But it is worth

15 healthy hikes in Grong

15 healthy walks gives you tips for both easy and hard hikes in Grong. There are different alternatives that will

Seter-Namsen fishing area

Seter-Namsen fishing area is a great spot witch suits all types of fishermen! In connection with the extension of salmon

All roads lead to Grong

Grong is the connection point for communication in the region Indre Namdal, and all roads leads to Grong. By following

Game hunting in Grong

We convey game hunting i several ares in Grong. The areas is Nordre Bangsjø and Brennmoen crown land, Gusli municipality

Moose hunting in Grong

Moose and deer hunting in Grong is managed by Grong Storvald hjortevilt in partnership with Grong municipality. The hunt is handled


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