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Fishing salmon in Namsen

Let «The Queen of the river» give you an experience you won`t forget. Namsen has through out all times been

Downtown shops

Grong is the centre in Indre Namdal and has a wide range of shops and services. Here you can find

The history of Namsen

Namsen floats thorugh the region Namdalen. The river got proud traditions and a long history. The salmon paradise reach out

Harran Camping

Harran Camping is a nice place both for families, persons travelling alone or people who are going to fish salmon

Grong Bygdemuseum

Grong Bygdemusen is a village museum and contains a local collection of buildings. The museum is located in the building

Langnes Camping

Langnes Camping is located by the river Sandøla in calm surroundings. Here you can sit on the beach right next


Rognsmoen is one of the most interesting prehistory areas in Namdalen, and when you follow the trail som areas goes

Bjørgan Apartments

Bjørgan apartments is located by the ski center 10 km from the center of Grong. The apartments is of high