Ten peaks in Grong

Challenge yourself to climb one of the peaks Grong has to offer. Great view and adventures are guaranteed!

In Grong we have a wild and beautiful nature that offers you many great experiences. Here we will give you tips for 10 great peaks that you can ascend – some short and some longer. Some of the peaks will recommended to climb while the ground is bare, while other peaks can be climbed both winter and summer. Not all trails are marked, but as long as one handle map and compass you will safely get to the peak and back down.

PDF-file of the brochure here.


Ten peaks

1. Heimdalshaugen (1159 m.a.s.l)
2. Lille Heimdalshaugen (886 m.a.s.l)
3. Elstadfjellet (541 m.a.s.l)
4. Geitfjelltoppen (872 m.a.s.l)
5. Fagerligklumpen (477 m.a.s.l)
6. Rognsmoklumpen (461 m.a.s.l)
7. Slettfjellet (396 m.a.s.l)
8. Storhusfjellet (491 m.a.s.l)
9. Brennfjellet (339 m.a.s.l)
10. Vattatuva (412 m.a.s.l)

m.a.s.l = meters above sea level