Sankthanshaugen on Værum is an annular formed yard from prehistoric time. This type of historical area have only been found in Norway. The area is distinctive because they consist of multiple dwellings which are arranged radially around a central round or oval space. The entrance to the houses have been on the end facing into the yard. On Værem it is located 13 houses in form of 0,5 cm elevated mounds. The annular yard contains of mounds placed in a oval formation. The size of the mounds varies, but average size is about 10 x 6 meters.

Here you will find a collection of culture history from the Iron Age witch fascinates us today. There is a great view over the valley and the river from Sankthanshaugen. Here we can also find residuals of houses, burial mounds, hollows and old roads. The elevated mounds is regulary placed in a circel around an open space. The ground is covered by big amounts of pits.

Today it is a quiet place, but back in the days there was big acitivity in this area. If you pay a visit you can experience the area and get a transparency of the way people lived here before. With time, archaeological studies can put the fragments together into photos of events, people and activities. In this way they can make the history familiar to us. Intill then it happens that we must seek explanation elsewhere.

By the mounds there is 5 large burial mounds. Scattered in the forest you can also see a collection of small pits. What these have served to has not been determined, but it is proven charcoal in the bottom of them. Excavations are yet not conducted on Værem. Studies of similar construction shows that the annular yards was built in the early Iron Age, in the period ca. 200-600 AD.


Anyone can visit this area as it is a easy walk into it. The trail is 0,8 kilometers one way, in addition to a HC-trail on about 0,7 kilometers one way. Light and dry terrain that is designed for small children’s feet. Seating at the burial ground and an picnic spot 200 meters south of the field. Drive RV 760 towards Namsos for about 4 kilometers to Bergsmo. Turn left in road cross signed RINGTUN. Continue 400 meters on a farm road and park on Lunneplass. Market trail to Væremsfeltet.