Tømmeråsfossen is a waterfall located in Sandøla about 2,5 km from the centre of Grong. The drop height is about 23 meters spread over 800 meters. There was build a mill driven by hydroelectric power 130 years ago, and the mill was in operation until 1948. You can still see the ruins from the mill and dams that was used in conjunction with floating timber.

It has been build great hiking trails along the waterfall. On the top of the waterfall there is a nice suspension bridge. In addition you can see the lots after an old mill and a closed salmon ladder. In the bottom of the waterfall there is an attractive fishing and swimming area. Tømmeråsfossen is called one of the most exotic bathing spots in Norway.

In ”Øverhøla” the water has shaped the rocks into a natural slide. Here you can frolic in the rapids and slip with the flow. It is also possible to jump from the rock in various places. In ”Nerhøla” you can relax on the beach, go swimming in calm areas and lay down on the lawn. If you go diving into the depts of Sandøla you can be lucky to see the salmon swim past. For the locals, Tømmeråsfossen has always been associated with salmon and bathing; a lovely place for both humans and animals.

Drive along Rv 391 from the centre of Grong towards Tømmerås. After you have passed the train underpass, turn right. Then you will pass another underpass, then drive in the middle road. Follow the road straight ahead to the parking lot.

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