The village with the blue bridges

Fishing salmon in Namsen, skiing and nature – Grong got it all! To a lot of people Grong is known as the municipality by the river Namsen – where the father of the house travels to go fishing year after year. But Grong can be more then this: it is a medium size municipality in the region Namdalen, the region center to Indre Namdal with a lot of service functions.

There are 2400 residents in Grong distributed in three villages; the center of Grong «Mediå», «Bergsmo» in west and «Harran» in north.

Traditionally agriculture and forestry have been the main industries. But in the past years service industry, including tourism has grown strongly. Of a total of 1,250 gainfully employed residents, the largest group are within the public and private services. The tourist industry is growing, particularly is the development at Bjørgan ski center positive.


Namsen Laksakvarium is an salmon aquarium located 12 kilometers north from Grong. It is placed by Fiskumfossen and tells the story about «The queen of the river» Namsen. In addition to see the powerful waterfall floating down the rocks, you can experience salmon in the aquarium and in the salmon studio on the top of the salmon ladder.  Grong can actutally thank the storyteller Asbjørnsen that Fiskumfossen still exist this day. During fluting of timber the waterfall was a problem, so it was determined that the river course should be moved. The process about digging a parallel river was started. Luckily this was stopped by the forest steward, Asbjørnsen.


Grong is surrounded by forest and mountains from all sides. It is great options for hikers and hunters, and there is about 500 fishing waters for the fisherman. To a lot of people hunting season is the highlight of the year. The most regular game hunting animals you can hunt in Grong is grouse, capercaille, black grouse, duck and rabbit. Hunting license can be bought at Grong Fritid. Besides small game hunt, you can also hunt deer and beaver, beaver hunting in the spring is particularly popular. Every year there is about 300 moose who gets shed in Grong. Hunting team can rent their own hunting area.

In the winter season Geitfjellet (mountain) is the main attraction. Bjørgan is Nord-Trøndelag countys largest ski resort witch contains 10 runs of varying difficulty. If you choose to take one of the ski lifts to the top, the mountain can tempt you with marked trails. If you would like to go cross country skiing you can start from Bjørgan or Heia. Here it is many different groomed trails. Many young families choose to head there.

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