The history of Namsen

Namsen floats thorugh the region Namdalen. The river got proud traditions and a long history. The salmon paradise reach out thorugh Grong municipality, 220 kilometers north for Trondheim. By avid anglers Namsen is considerd like a salmon paradise! Namsen is ranked as one of the nation’s three best salmon rivers.

Namsen – The Queen of the river floats through an idyllic area. 65 kilometers of the river is salmon bearing, while the 80 kilometers furthest north consists of great sea trout. In our selection you will meet wild river with big stones and rough rapids, in addition to flat and calm stretches.


The history

In addition to most of the European rivers, the right to fish is in private hands. The river belongs to the landowners who own the land along the river. Salmon fishing in Namsen has always been known as the best in Norway. At first salmon fishing was considerd a big opportunity to get food. Not until later they saw an opportunity to get financial returns from anglers. This happened after the pioneering English anglers discovered the pearl Namsen was. The first English fisherman who fished in Namsen for an extended period was Mr. Bilton. He came to Harran and Grong the first time in 1837, and discovered what a paradise Namsen was and therefore came back in 1839.

The following winter he wrote the book «Two summers in Norway» where he detailed described his catch, the area and how you could arrive Namsen in the easiest way. After he arrived England again after his first visit in Grong he sent some money to the landlord he stayed to. The purpose was to improve some facilities regarding the conditions. This was at Mediaa farm, exactly where Grong Hotel is located this day. The English anglers were called salmon lords of the locals because of their nobel ancestry. The salmon lords built houses and owned farms in a long time. They actually had most of the control over salmon fishing in Namsen for about hundred years. After second world war they slowly disappeared from the area.

The english anglers gave the river epithet witch never will go away: «The Queen of the Rivers». This because the river was generous, had early recovery of large salmon and were described as the most reliable salmon river in Norway

A lot of big catches can be mentioned, but it would take a lot of place. An impressive catch was registred in 1901. An Englishman called Mr.Hombrad caught 12 salmons in one day with a total weight on 179 kg. The avarage weight was on 15 kg.

We also have to mention Lord Bainbridge who was fishing on Grong Gård. June 12, 1913 he and 2 other men were fishing for 8 hours and could show of a catch on 219 Ibs for photos after.

Not to forget the family Hustad and Johansen from Namsos. The family fished for 14 days at the area Veium (June 15 – June 29, 1920). They caught a total of 601.2 kg, but the days 24th and 25th June, will never be forgetten. On these two days they caught fish for 163.2 kilograms.

The record salmon in Namsen was catched in 1924 and had a totalt weight of 31,5 kilograms. Father and son Kjølstad were fishing at Jørem and stand behind this amazing salmon after a hard fight.

But this was not the biggest salmon that have gone up in Namsen. Slightly north of Fossland Novemeber 15, 1934 there was found a dead male salmon frozen in ice. It weighed only 29 kilograms, but the entire length was 146 cm long.

The tail was a little worn, perhaps eaten by predators and had been longer. From normal size,  this fish could have been between 43 and 45 kilograms. It was on its third time spawn and had full spawn costume. The salmon was delivered to Trondheim Science Museum, where it was measured and a cast was made. It is considered one of the biggest Atlantic salmon ever!