Seter-Namsen fishing area

Seter-Namsen fishing area is a great spot witch suits all types of fishermen!

In connection with the extension of salmon stretch in Namsen (2006),  Seter-Namsen salmon fishing area was established. Seter-Namsen salmon fishing is on top of Namsen, about 3 km above Nedre Fiskumfoss (Namsen Salmon Aquarium).

There is approximately 5 km length were you can fish. You can fish from both sides of the river and from boat. The area is suitable for fishing with lures, worms and flies. Parts of the river is very well suited for fly fishing. You can fish salmon here from July 1st until September 15th. Trout fishing on the «Grong card» until June 30th.

All salmon in Seter-Namsen is registered in the salmon stairs in Lower Fiskumfoss, in this way there is relatively good overview over the amount of salmon in this area. In 2005 there was registred over 2,000 fish (salmon and trout). A big doubling of what went up the year before. In 2006 it went up 2500.

The salmon season at Seter-Namsen begins July 1st and last until September 15th. Before the salmon season you can fish trout in the same area. The fish card you by for fishing trout can be used all over Grong. You can by this card several places. Among the municipality house, at the tourist information, Harran Bygdesentral, the camping places and on

Rent a boat
Seter-Namsen fishing area got 5 boats you can rent. 600 NOK per day per boat.

Take contakt with one of the land owners to rent a boat:

Hallgeir Moa: +47 411 60 716
Merete Grøtan Sørgård: +47 74 33 29 27
Olav Moan: +47 74 33 28 52

Fishing card for salmon can also be bought here:
* Harran Camping, phone number +47 743 32 990
* Grong Fritid, phone number +47 743 12 700
* Olav Moen og Merete Grøtan Sørgård, phone number +47 74 33 28 52/+47 74 33 29 27

For more information:
Olav Moen, phone number +47 743 32 852
Hallgeir Moa, phone number +47 411 60 716