Namsentunet is located 3 kilometres north from the center of Grong and is placed near by the river. The guest yard consists of 15 buildings that is a typical summer pastry farm build in Viking style. All the houses are made of logs or wilderness cladding. The roofs are covered in grass and it has been used a lot of slate, stone and ski fence to make the guest yard into something special.

The guest yard is relatively new, and the first houses were built in 2004. Now there are 18 bedrooms with high standard. There are different price groups distributed on 4 different timber houses.  In some of the houses you will share bathroom and living room with other guests. You can either rent the whole house, a single room, double room or a family room that consists of 3 or 4 beds. Most of the room includes a TV and wireless internet.

All the guests has access to Namsentunet where the food is served. You can also enjoy a hot cup of coffee here while you sit in the couch and read a newspaper.

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For contact, call +47  74 33 00 00 or send an email to [email protected]