Moose hunting in Grong

Moose and deer hunting in Grong is managed by Grong Storvald hjortevilt in partnership with Grong municipality. The hunt is handled by the hunting areas, appointing their own area accountable. The areas is subdivided into hunting areas witch is used by various hunting parties. Each hunting team must have an appointed hunting leader.

Several of the areas for moose hunting is located within uncultivated area or state commons witch is selling/renting out the area for moose hunting. The contact person will either be the leader in the uncultivated area or the responsible person for the area. 

Rudolf Solum elgfall







Leaders/mountain board
Elstad utmarkslag Elg Elstad [email protected]
Midtre Harran elveierlag Kjetil Hermanstad [email protected]
Heimdalhaugen gr.lag Aleksander Solum [email protected]
Sagmoen jakt og fiskeområde Erlend Sagmo [email protected]
Vestre Harran utmarkslag Arne Olav Aune [email protected]
Vestre Grong utmarkslag Ivar Håkon Sklet [email protected]
Sørsida utmarkslag Jenny Domås [email protected]
Rosset utmarkslag Morten Rosset [email protected]
Gusli kommuneskog Gunnar Eliassen [email protected]
Tømmerås utmarkslag Rune Solberg r[email protected]
Ulvig-Kiær Anders Kiær [email protected]
Namdal Bruk AS Knut Berger [email protected]
Harran fjellstyre Terje Ness [email protected]
Moose area
Lillefjell-Geitingdal Terje Ness [email protected]
Namdal Bruk Knut Berger [email protected]
Ulvig Kiær Anders Kiær [email protected]
Sagmo-Rosset Morten Rosset [email protected]
Søndre Grong storvald Tor Jørgen Heggum [email protected]
Vestre Harran utm.lag Arne Olav Aune [email protected]
Vestre Grong gr.lag Ivar Grong [email protected]
Jørem-Bjørken Jan Ivar Valskrå [email protected] 

If you got any other questions take contact with Grong Fritid:
Phone number: +47 74 33 27 00
E-mail: [email protected]