Langnes Camping

Langnes Camping is located by the river Sandøla in calm surroundings. Here you can sit on the beach right next to the camping and watch the salmon jump upwards the river. On the beach you can have a barbecue, dive with the salmon or go swimming with your children. There is also a play ground, bike trails and hike routs near by.

The camping consists of 50 spots for caravans where you can get electricity and drain for waste-water. There is a own area for tents with electricity and water.

There are three different cabins you can choose between: 

Type 1: Cabins with one bed room and bunk beds for four persons. Bathroom with shower/WC. Kitchen with pots and pans, table with chairs and sofa corner. Your own storage room and terrace.

Type 2: Cabins with two bed rooms. One bedroom with a double bed and the other one with an bunk bed for two persons. In addition there is an sofa-bed in the living room. Kitchen with pots and pans, table and chairs. There is also duvets and pillows, so you only have to bring bed sheets. The sanitary building is only 30 meters away from the cabin.

Type 3: One-room cabin including two beds, inlaid water, mini kitchen, pots/pans and duvets/pillows.  The sanitary building is only 30 meters away from the cabin.

The service building consist of reception and an newsstand where you can by some groceries and fresh bread. The sanitary building consist of toilet, shower and washing spots. There is a own family room and a own department for children. For anglers there is a own room where it is possible to butch and freeze the fish. In the other service building there is a new laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. In addition there is a big kitchen where you can cook and eat.

Wireless internet is included for all the guests.


Phone number: 476 88 333
E-mail: [email protected]