Gløshaug Church

Gløshaugkirka is a church from 1689 with a very interesting history. New research shows that the age of the church is older than the former beliefs. It is not known exactly when the church was built, but those who mean to «know it» thinks it’s around 1330, this because from 1320 until the Black Death in

Gløshaug Church with the unpainted wooden walls is one of very few preserved wooden churches from the 1600s in Nord-Trøndelag county. The logs in the aisle are probably from 1155. In the 1500s Gløshaug Church was also called Olafshoug church suggesting that it may have been consecrated St.Olav. In the tradition around the church Olsok exhibition have played a particular place, and in recent times there has been marking of Olsok since the 1920s.

The little church was for centuries a common meeting place for people in the upper part of Namdalen. Gløshaug was villagers’ church until a new church was built on Fiskem in 1873.

Gløshaug Church has had many different names, in 1548-49, the church was called Glassøy church, then Glatsø church. The last name; Gløshaugen; means «Where you have stunning views». Gløshaug church was in 1723 sold for 1680 thalers (this included several other properties). In the church there hangs a silver fish above the choir. No one knows for sure how old it is, but it was listed as inventory already in 1622. The myth has it that long ago there was a fisherman who had bad fish luck fish. He therefore asked for God, and said that if he got fish luck one time he would give a silver fish to the poorest church in the country. He got unimaginable catches and Gløshaug got a silver fish – as the poorest church in the country!

Gløshaugen kirke

Drive along E6 north from Grong to Gartland and turn left towards «Høylandet». Then drive about 500 meters on RV 775. Then turn to the right, signposted Gløshaugen. Drive to the end of the road and park by the church. Guided tours of the church can be arranged if desired. Contact Sverre Gartland, phone number +47 90 58 54 41. Email: [email protected]