Game hunting in Grong

We convey game hunting i several ares in Grong. The areas is Nordre Bangsjø and Brennmoen crown land, Gusli municipality forest and Sørsia uncultivated team.


Nordre Bangsjø
Grong mountain board offers game hunting in Nordre Bangsjø witch is located in the mountain Geitfjellet. There is a area of totally 130.000 acre. Most of the area is up in the mountains, but some is in the forest. The area is ideal for grouse and hare hunting.

You can also rent to cabins witch is located in the hunting area. Cabin number one «Bangsjøhytta» in the north east end, and cabin number two «Rundtjønnhytta» higher up in the mountain. You can rant a cabin for a 5-day period. Deadline is April 1st.

Hunting card can be bought from September 15th. There is a limitied amount of cards the first 10 days. If you are interested, take contact before April 1st: [email protected]

Free card sale from September 25. Same price for card with/without dog. You can also by a card at Grong Fritid.

Prices 2017/18  Daycard  2-days  5-days  season
 150 NOK  250 NOK  500 NOK  600 NOK
 Not locals
 250 NOK  400 NOK  700 NOK  1000 NOK

BAG-LIMINT is 3 LI-grouses PER hunter PER day

Download map over the area on PDF here.

Card sale and cabin rent outside regulated period can be arranged at Grong Fritid.
Phone number: +47 74 31 27 00
E-mail: [email protected]

Contact information Grong mountain board:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: 91873155
Grong Fjellstyre
Postboks 13
7871 Grong


Brennmoen statsallmenning
196.000 acres.
Limited amounts of cards (20) for non locals with dog from September 15th to September 25. Card sale from September 25.  For hunting without dog you can by a hunting card from September 15th.
Duedate for non local hunters with dog is April 1st.
Regulated period is divided in two: 15.09-19.09 and 20.09-24.09. In this period you can by a card from Harran fjellstyre v/ Terje Aalberg, phone number +47 90 01 60 14

Prices 2017 Daycard 5-days Season
Innenbygds m/u hund 150 NOK
300 NOK
500 NOK
Utenbygds m/u hund 150 NOK
600 NOK
1000 NOK

Day limit: 2 li-grouses, 3 montain grouses, 1 forest bird per. hunter per. day
Contakt: Terje Aalberg, phone number +47 90 01 60 14

You can by a card at Grong Fritid from September 25.


Sørsia utmarkslag

The whole area is about 88.000 acres. You can rent two different terrains for hunting teams in the period September 10-16th an 17-23rd.
From September 25 there is free card sale. The price is the same for locals and non locals, both with and with out dog.

Prices 2016 2-days 5-days Season
250 NOK
350 NOK
650 NOK

Rekrutcard season (until 18 years) 200 NOK
Day limit: none
Contact: Jenny Domås, phone number +47 907 97 677

You can buy the card at Grong Fritid from September 25th.


Gusli municipality forest

The whole area is on 45.000 acres.
Limited amounts of cards (20) from September 10th – 19th.

Prices 2018 1 day 2 days Season from 20.sept
100 NOK
200 NOK
600 NOK

Day limit: 3 li-grouses
Contakt: Gunnar Eliassen , phone number +47 74 31 21 59.
You only buy the cards at Grong  municipality

Map over the area

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