Fiskumfossen is a waterfall 13 km north from the center of Grong. Here you can experience Northern Europe’s longest salmon ladder and the waterfall witch has a drop on 34,5 meters. On the top of the salmon ladder there is a salmon studio where you can watch the salmon swim right in front of your nose. There is also an salmon aquarium right next to the waterfall where you can visit the two salmon studios indoor before enjoying a salmon meal while looking out on the waterfall.

The waterfall was build for power generation, and because of this it can be small amounts of water in the drop from time to time. There are not many places in Norway where you can get so close to the waterfall as you do at Fiskumfossen. On a day with a lot of water you can admire more than 1 million liters of water per second in the waterfall. When the fall are free of water you can study the silk smooth rock the water have left behind, and special rock formations at the potholes in the bottom of the fall.

The surrounding area was at the beginning of the 1900`s a small trading post, and by the nearest farm there were an dairy, grocery store, guest house and post office. The waterfall was a popular place for Britons to go fishing. You can still glimpse the ruins of the old «English houses»  when taking an walk along the river. Some of the «English houses» are still in the village Gartland located midway between Grong and Harran .

There is a really nice hike trail along the river where starting point is Fiskumfossen. Here you can go on a short trip, experience Namsen up close and take a break at one of the many benches that are placed next to the trail.

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