Cycling in Grong

Here you get presented 12 cycling trails in Grong municipality.

Grong got a lot of great cycling trails. In addition to circular tracks, several of the trail is round trails. In this case you can turn around when you need to. The trails are spread around in the municipality, so there are several options to choose between.

There is a brochure in pocket size witch contains road map, directions to the base point, sights along the way and detours. In addition there is some tips about fishing water along some of the trails. You can get the brochure at the tourist information. You can also downlowd it as a PDF-file here. The brochure is in norwegian.

Hiking destination Length
1. Valskrå rundt 4 km circular track
2. Skottleiken rundt 18 km circular track
3. Homorunden 9 km circular track
4. Formofossen rundt 16 km circular track
5. Lurudalen 8,5 km one way to Snåsa
25 km one way to Agle in Snåsa
6. Nesådalen 25 km one way
7. Elstad – Møkkelvatnet 15 km one way
8. Sagmoen – Solum 5,5 km one way
9. Rossetnes – Fiskumfoss – Sagmo 6,5 km one way
10. Seter-Namsen 8 km circular track
11. Culture trail in Harran 4 km circular track
12. Spennmyra rundt 7 km circular track