Campfire in the nature

It’s always nice to light up a campfire and hang the black kettle with coffee over. But it is worth noting that it`s not always allowed to stoke a fire when you are out in the woods. Consider also carefully where you place the bonfire in relation to wind, vegetation and water access.

Avoid burning material that produces sparks (paper, conifers, heathers and similuar things) with the risk of spreading the fire over large distances. Keep oversees the fire while it is illuminated

Unngå å brenne materiale som gir gnister (papir, bartre, lyng og lignende) med fare for brannspredning over store avstander. Supervise the fire while it is lit.

Ban on fires
From April 15 to September 15 there is ban of fire in Norway. In this period it is not allowed to make a bonfire in the nature, unless you have an approvel from the local fire station. This is because of the danger of fire in gras, forest and heather.

Fighting fire
After lighting fires, never leave the fire until you are absolutely sure that it is properly extinguished with water or other suitable extinguishing agents.

Local rules
Please note that each municipality can provide further local rules on lighting fires. Contact the fire department or municipal administration in your municipality if you are unsure of the local rules.