15 healthy hikes in Grong

15 healthy walks gives you tips for both easy and hard hikes in Grong. There are different alternatives that will suit each individual. Norwegian Health directorate recommends at least 30 minutes of activity each day for adults, and 60 minutes for children. 15 healthy walks give you a guideline, and there is a hike for anyone independent on age, physical form and availability of time.

The brochure in pocketsize contains a map, direction to touring base and a description of the hike. There is a picture of each hike as well. You can get the brochure at the touristinformation in Grong, or you can download the PDF-file here. The brochure is in Norwegian, but we will give you a short description of each hike down below.

Foto: K.Nesser

1. De tre elver (Three rivers, a round tour) 
Round tour on 6,9 km, medium demanding with some steep hills. The trail goes trough old hayfields and pastureland. There are several picnic spots along the trail with benches. Drive RV 760 towards Namsos, about 6 km from the center of Grong. Turn left by the sign marked «Friskgården». Follow the road for about 500 meters, then turn left towards Friskgården. Parking lot is at the farm.

2. Ellingdalen (Both hiking trail and handicap trail) 
Tourist trail with a length on approximately  2 kilometers one way. Facilitated for HC-parking and a own handicap trail into the grill cabin. The HC-trail is 400 meters long.  Drive about 2,5 kilometers along RV 391 from the center of Grong towards Tømmerås. Turn left by the flower shop into «Tømmeråsvegen». Follow the road for about 2 kilometers (the last part is on forest road). Parking by the information board. Handicap parking is 200 meters further in. The trail starts by the parking lot.

3. Fagerliklumpen 
A demanding hike with steep terrain, swamp and hilly trails. Great view from the top witch is 477 meters above sea level. From Leksås the hike is about 2,5 kilometers one way. From the center of Grong you drive south along E6. Turn left towards Namsos, drive for about 200 meters and turn right again. Then turn left in the cross. Before you arrive the church you shall turn right on a gravel road and drive for approximately 1 km to the end of the road. Parking lot on the top of the road. The hike starts here.

4. Fiskumfossen nature- and culture trail 

Nice culture trail on approximately 2 kilometers in flat terrain. Several picnic spots along the trail. On this tourist trail you will experience the river Namsen in beautiful natural surroundings. You can either start at the salmon aquarium (Namsen laksakvarium) or at Sagmo.

5. Garnåsen
Circular trail with a length on 4 kilometers. In addition you can take a detour to Brennmoen. The circular trail is approximately 5,9 kilometers. The area Brennmoen has one of the largest burial mounds in Namdalen where 45 is registered. Drive RV 760 towards Namsos for about 7 kilometers. Turn left signed Øysletta. Follow the road and cross the bridge. Then turn right signed Øysletta. Drive 1,5 kilometers until you arrive a road cross and turn into Øyesmovegen, there is a sign of a bike. Parking lot is here. Follow the gravel road. Steep trail in the beginning. By a trim box you should turn left.

6. Konnovatnet
4 km one way in medium terrain. The trail goal has a great picnic spot with a view. Great hike witch is nice for kids! From the center of Grong you should drive south on E6. Turn left towards «Øysletta». Continue for 1 kilometer and turn west into FV 401. Then drive 7 kilometers and park by the road on the right side. Walk for 100 meters until you see a sign named «Konnovatnet» and «Småsetran». The trail is marked with red DNT marks. Lenght is about 4 kilometers one way.

7. Culture trail in Harran
About 5 km circular walk that starts at the bridge over Fiskum river. On the way you can take a dip in Saghøla swimming area before proceeding. You can also eat your lunch in the picnic area with an sculpture of the famed skier Lars Aasmul. From Harran Camping you should walk 100 meters south beside E6 and turn first right. Turn right in the first road cross and follow the road along the river.

8. Lurudalen
Hike that is about 8,5 kilometers one way. This trail suits well for both walking and cycling, and parts of the trail got high standard. Drive along E6 for about 10 kilometers south. Then turn left towards «Lierne» on RV 74. Drive for about 300 meters and turn right into an old asphalted road. Continue a couple hundred meters and park along the road. The trail starts here. Length of the trail is about 8,5 kilometers.

9. Pilegrimsleia Nordelen (pilgrim rout) 
First leg is about 13.2 kilometers and runs from Gløshaug Church on Gartland to Grong. The second leg is on 16.3 kilometers runs from the center of Grong to Heia guesthouse. The tour follows the northern part of the pilgrim route to Stiklestad-Nidaros. The stage follows the old main road from 1820 to 1830 and runs through an area with a lot of prehistory. Drive on the E6 north and turn left towards Høylandet on RV 775. After 700 meters turn left towards Gløshaug kirke (church). Parking below the church. The trail starts here. Signs along the trail.

10. Rognsmoen nature and culture trail 
Family-friendly tour with information signs about the natural and cultural prehistory. Round trail is 2,3 kilometers and has seating areas available along the way. Rognsmoen is one of the most interesting prehistory areas in Namdalen, and when you follow the trail it party goes through the prehistoric road. Drive along E6 about 10 kilometers south and turn left towards Lierne on RV 74. Continue 1,7 kilometers and turn left marked «Natursti». Drive to the end of the road, about 2 kilometers to the parking lot. The trails starts here. Seating areas along the trail.

11. Røyrtjønna ved Fiskumelva (Røyrtjønna by Fiskumelva) 
A nice walk in easy terrain with some marshland. Length of the trail is 2 kilometers. Good fishing opportunity’s, so remember fishing rod and fishing license. Drive E6 north to Harran. Turn left by Harran Kro and follow Fiskumfjellvegen 1,2 kilometers before you turn right again. Drive about 200 meters until you arrive a water tank. Parking lot here. Start by the water tank and follow the trail. Marked trail.

12. Spennmyra
Medium demanding circular track of 7,3 kilometers which you can either implement on foot or by bike. Along the trail there are placed some information boards about the wildlife and cultural history. Drive along E6 north from Grong. After 3 kilometers turn left towards Fossland by a bus stop. Follow the road for 1 kilometer and park by a sign.

13. Storhusfjellet via Stortuva og Tømmeråssetra
A demanding tour of 12,8 km. Alternatively, go for a shorter circular track of 8,8 km around Mediåsetra and Stortuva. On the viewpoint there are great views over Geitfjellet and over to Overhalla. Drive RV 391 from Mediå bridge. Turn left bu the gas station (Hydro Texaco) and then turn right. Drive until the end of the road and park by the road barrier. The trip starts here. On the top of the gravel road there is sign to Stortuva. Follow the red marks. From Stortuva there is signs down to Grong.

14. Vattatuva
Great hike on about 2,5 kilometers one way. A climb of about 275 meters with relatively steep path all the way. Great views over Harran and Heimdalhaugen (1159 m) from the top. From the center of Grong you drive north on E6 towards Harran. Turn right into Namsen Laksakvarim (salmon aquarium) and park here. Then you continue by foot on the footpath for about 400 meters. Turn left into the gravel road. Follow the trail over the tunnel roof and into the forest.

15. Væremsfeltet
An easy walk that is adapted to everyone. 0,8 kilometers one way, and a HC-trail on about 0,7 kilometers one way. Light and dry terrain that is designed for small children’s feet. Seating at the burial ground and an picnic spot 200 meters south of the field. Drive RV 760 towards Namsos for about 4 kilometers to Bergsmo. Turn left in road cross signed RINGTUN. Continue 400 meters on a farm road and park on Lunneplass. Market trail to Væremsfeltet.

We wish you a good trip!