10 family activities in Grong

Experience what Grong has to offer, either you have a couple hours or a whole day. Here you will get 10 tips for family activities witch is perfect for both kids and adults.

Would you like to try something new, or experience more of what Grong has to offer? We can suggest fishing, kayaking, barbecue in the woods and a lot more. You can find a list over the activities below, and for full description you can download the PDF-file.


1. Fishing and nature in Fiskeløysa
2. Cultur trail in Harran – round trip with bathing spot
3. The field in Værem – annular trip facility
4. Bathing in Tømmeråshøla
5. Barbacue hut in Ellingdalen
6. Fiskumfossen nature- og culture trail
7. The tree rivers – round trip in historical landscape
8. Kayaking and canoeing in Brusvatnet
9. Farmers visit on Jørum Farm
10. Nature and culture trail in Rognsmoen